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An Idea for a New Forex Trading Expert Advisor on MT4 – Video 1

I have some new ideas with regards to either modifying one of my current Forex Trading EAs (Expert Advisor or Trading Robot), or completely building a new one from scratch. It all depends on what my Programmer thinks and and how much work is involved. Sometimes it is just easier to start from scratch. This first video just covers the basics. It is far from perfect and requires a lot more testing. I am putting these ideas out to my forex trading contacts so I can get some feedback etc. Just another set of eyes to pick my ideas apart. If anyone wants to get involved, feel free to email me at accurateforextrader@gmail.com

As you can see from the title, this is video no.1. I may do further videos to explain certain points, but this one should give you a pretty good idea on what I am thinking about. Basically looking to reduce risk quickly, take re-entries if they present and manage open trades. Still a fair bit of work to be done, but I do have to start somewhere.

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