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Ezine Articles about Forex Trading

Sometime ago I wrote a number of Ezine articles about forex trading. These pretty well cover the basics of trading in a very simple way so even the absolute beginner could understand and have enough confidence to at least start demo trading. I will reproduce these articles on this site, and hopefully won’t get Google slapped for copyright infringement, even though I am the original author. There may be a few minor tweaks as obviously I have learnt a few things since and probably have changed my way of thinking on a few of the topics.

I have a strong interest in developing my own forex trading systems, where I then convert these systems into EAs. Well I don’t actually do that, as I get my gun Programmer, Christina, to do it for me. She runs a company called Wise-EA, and if you need any programming done in this space, I highly recommend her. Maybe I should learn programming myself and save a few bucks. Looks too confusing to me, but you never know, maybe one day.

EA is short for Expert Advisor, which is just a flash name for a trading robot software that is attached to your trading platform that takes trades on your behalf depending on what your stipulated trading rules are. They are great for making sure you don’t miss entries and also take the emotion out of entering trades. But do not think that EAs are the be all and end all. They do have their limitations and can’t think like a human brain. I tend to use them for entry only and then manually manage the trades from there. However I do know that if I can’t get to my trading platform for whatever reason, I know the EA will look after things until I can get back to my charts.

Forex trading is not easy, but if you can be consistently profitable with it, the rewards can be great, whether this means lots of money, getting out of your current job, working your desired hours, more family time, working from anywhere you wish etc etc. I’ve been doing it on and off for just over 10 years now (I am a slow learner), made plenty of mistakes along the way, but now slowly but surely getting it together. It hasn’t been easy, and at the end of the day, it is just a matter of keeping it pretty simple and using good money management. I love this stuff, so there will be plenty more to follow, including all of my Ezine articles….

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