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Forex Trading – 1hr with the Daily Trend

I just put a basic video on YouTube showing a simple way I trade the 1hr charts.  Basically I use a couple of my favourite custom MT4 indicators, the MACD Platinum and QQE Adv in conjunction with a Linear Weighted Moving Average.  I will only take trades based on the trend of the Daily chart.  This will ensure that a lot of false moves are avoided.  Not perfect but a good simple sustem that will be profitable over the long run.  It is up to the individual Trader how they manage their open trades, but I do give one idea in the video where you could open multiple trades in one direction and manage them as a package with the help of a spreadsheet I had made.  Plenty of options available, so pick what best suits your own style.  If anyone would like any of these custom MT4 indicators or the spreadsheet I mentioned, feel free to contact me and I’ll send you the info for no cost.


I have built a couple of EAs based on these same indicators, and I’ll be doing up further videos sometime in the future to demostrate these in action. Again, nothing to sell here and these EAs will be freely available to anyone that asks.

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