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Happy New Year Forex Traders!

Happy New Year to all of my fellow Forex Traders out there no matter where you are in the world.  I hope you all enjoyed the festive season and managed to catch up with family etc.  Every one celebrates this time of the year a little different and I was lucky enough to find myself at home to celebrate with all my family.  Now looking forward to 2014 and hoping that the Trading Gods treat me nicely!

I have been a bit slack with regards to updating this site and the main reason being that I took up a new job in Papua New Guinea back in early Oct 2013.  This job has me flying out of my home in Australia for four weeks at a time.  I am working on a small island in the very north of the country just below the Equator, which has very limited internet access.  Well that was up until late December.  I return home for two weeks after each four week swing, but it wouldn’t be fair on my family to concentrate on my trading during this break.  Now we have much better internet on the island, I am now able to commit more time to this site and my trading activities.

Having said all that, I haven’t been sitting on my hands doing nothing with regards to my Forex Trading.  I have been putting a lot of time into testing my EAs as this does not require the internet, just my trusty laptop.  I have been concentrating on my SMSF EA as of late as I have recently had it modified to include a couple of filters.  Ideally I would love to be able to set it up on the smaller timeframes where there would be a lot more action, but other than the EUR/AUD 1hr chart, I am not having much success with it to date.  But I am getting some great results with a lot of pairs on the 4hr charts and some excellent results on most of the pairs using the daily charts.  There can be a fair time gap between trades on the daily charts, but trading many pairs reduces this problem somewhat.  At the end of the day our main aim is to make money with as little risk as possible, not necessarily have a fun time doing it.  Sometimes boring is better!

So I’ll keep on testing this EA and try and dedicate my live MyFXbook account solely to this EA in operation.  As you can tell by the results to date, there hasn’t been that much action on the account and that it has been a little up and down.  Hopefully it will become a little more consistent now that I have sort of settled on a few set ups and I am now using a conservative money management set up with it also.  If anyone would like a free copy of this EA, or would like to assist me with testing of it, I would be more than happy to hear from you.  It is easy to contact me through the email address on the ‘contact me’ page on this site.

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