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I’m Back…

Welcome back to Accurate Forex Trader!  I have been missing for a couple of months due to the fact that my web hosting company went wheels up, taking all my data and 20+ websites with it.  Bit of a bummer, but at least I learnt a valuable lesson, and that’s to back up everything.  So now I have to start from scratch, so this site will be a work in progress.  This site will be dedicated to my Forex Trading, but if you want to know a bit more about me and my thoughts, you can go over to JAGfx.com and here I will discuss many things that interest me, including my trading.

To get the ball rolling, I have had a new EA built called SMSF which I am currently forwarding testing on a demo account.  This demo account does have a link to MyFXbook which you can see below.  This is a demo account I have had for a while now which started with a balance of $10,000. I began testing this EA on the 1st July when the balance was at $12,294.77. I am also testing it in a small way on a live account.  I’ll update details on this later.

Warning and Disclaimer : Something I have put here is to advise everyone that Forex Trading is risky. You could lose some or all of your money if you trade forex. I think that is pretty obvious to most, so this warning is just aimed at the minority. It may look easy this forex trading, but believe me it isn’t, and you will suffer losess along the way. The trick is to win more than you lose overall. Anything I write on this site is not to be considered financial advice, so don’t follow my trading. Everything I write here is just my opinion or what I am doing in my trading. I cannot give you specific trading advice. So be warned, this trading can be a risky business, so protect your capital so you live to trade another day.

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