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June 2014 Update

Just a couple of things. You may have noticed a sign up form to the right where I am requesting your email address. This will not be a sales list where I will be bombarding you with weekly emails trying to sell you something. More of a list where I will contact you every now and then with anything I think would be worthwhile, whether it be one of my free EAs or any of my custom MT4 indicators. Your privacy is important to me, so I won’t be passing your details onto any third party.

Eventually I will be hoping to offer a signals type service or even manage private investors money using my own EAs and manual trading methods. I maybe looking for Beta Testers or looking for assistance, so people on my list would be contacted to seek your help. Nil obligation though as it is entirely your choice.

Also to the right, you will see another MyFXBook link to a small live account I have set up with XM. This is just a nano type account where my smallest position size at 0.01 lot is actually equivalent to $0.001 or 1/10th of a cent. With a leverage of 888:1 there is plenty of opportunity to really play with a small account like this and see what is achievable. I deposited $100 to start this account and they threw in a $30 bonus just to give me a little more equity to play with, but keep in mind that this bonus is not counted in my return. I have already received an angry email from XM demanding I remove one of my EAs as it was causing their servers to overload. Just not sure how sch a small account like mine could cause so much drama. Did what they asked and have had to change the way I trade using this same EA. Basically got rid of the trailling stop method. But I urge you to keep an eye on this account as I am very confident that it will produce pretty good results once I work out a comfortable position size for the trading.

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