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SAR EA – Something a Little Different

Now in my previous post I discussed a purely mechanical SAR method of trading. For those that don’t know, SAR means Stop and Reverse. So you are basically closing out a trade in one direction and then opening a new trade in the opposite direction, therefore you are always in the market. Can’t complain of lack of action here…

I do have an EA I designed and had built that is called my SAR EA. This was designed for trading forex, but I have run a few successful tests on Gold and Oil via the MT4 platform also. Now the method involved in this EA has absolutely nothing to do with the SAR mechanical method mentioned in the previous post, so I don’t want to confuse anyone.

Until I work out how to add downloadable files to wordpress ie the EA and custom indicators, I’ll have to re-direct you to my thread at Forex Factory that covers this topic in detail. Here you can download everything and also check out other videos. Go to the Forex Factory thread.

Check out the videos below to give you an idea of how the EA works.

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