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Trading Update

You may have noticed that my live Forex Trading account has taken a bit of a hit, as has my demo account.  I was experimenting with multiple EAs on the one pair on two different time frames.  I found I lost a little control of the whole situation due to me being in a very remote location with limited internet access.  I closed all of my live trades last night and this may prove to have been a little premature, hence I want to keep the demo account trades open and running their natural course.

I’m not too concerned as I like to put my systems under the pump on small live accounts just to see how they perform under fire.  Demo accounts have their advantages but there is nothing like trading live.  Now these losing trades also give me an idea of where I am going wrong and what I can do different next time.  I like the idea of multiple EAs on the same pair, but I may have to reassess this and put it on hold for now.  My main EA is the SMSF, which I am currently having modified by my Programmer, and this new modified version will be adaptable to the new MT4 build.  Looking forward to getting my hands on it and recovering some of these losses.

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