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What am I Aiming to Achieve Here?

You are probably wondering why I am even building this website. Fair question I say. There is no real need for me to tell the world about my forex trading or experiences in this field. I could quite simply just keep on trading my own accounts, slowly but surely building my account size without any other distractions. But I am a sucker for punishment and like to keep my brain active. Trading off the 4hr charts using a semi-automated EA isn’t exactly time consuming, so I have plenty of spare time on my hands.

Completing this website not only helps up and coming forex traders gain extra knowledge, it also helps keep me accountable. I wish I had started this thing several years ago as it might have saved me some money and accounts. There is no doubt about, forex trading can be an emotional roller coaster. Things sometimes go well and other times not so well. I always figure if you can’t sleep when you have open trades, then you are in the poo and it is best if you do something about it pronto!

By me posting my methods and also my trading results, it ensures that I put an effort into my trading and take it a little more seriously. There may not be anyone reading this website or there maybe thousands (I wish) reading it. I don’t really know at this stage, but that’s not important. All I know is that somebody out there in this great big world will read about it one day, so that is enough to keep me motivated and hopefully profitable.

Education is also important to me. I started looking at forex back in 2002. Things were a lot different then and most of my education came from trolling trading forums to see what I could pick up along the way. Nowadays things are a lot easier, but having said that, the market is also saturated with scammers and other low life’s that just want to relieve the wanna be trader of their hard earned cash. So from what I have learnt and published over the years, I figure that I can help guide the new traders through this minefield without all the hassles and just make their trading adventure a little easier.

Ultimately if I can prove my trading expertise in the public domain, then I would consider making my services available as a fund manager, which basically means trading other people’s money. First I have prove myself with real money in real trading accounts. Tools like MyFXbook help achieve these outcomes.

So that’s about it and the reasons I am doing this. I do enjoy helping others, so that is probably the main reason behind it all. The other stuff will take of itself as long as I do the right thing by others…

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